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Bir Inder Behl at Focused insurance has an extensive portfolio of all the top insurance companies in Canada. He helps you determine the insurance that you, your family or your business needs by analyzing your financial situation.

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Life Insurance

Plan ahead to secure your family’s future. Life insurance helps you ensure that your family receives a tax-free cash payment after your death.

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Mortgage Insurance

Are you buying a new house? Do you want to lower your downpayment and interest rates?

You need Mortgage insurance.

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Group Health & Dental plan

Are your employees quitting at alarming rates? Get health and dental plan to retain employees and ensure that your work force is well covered.

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Critical illness Insurance

What if you fall terminally ill? Get Critical insurance to ensure you get a tax free lump sum funds if you get any of 25 illnesses covered such as cancer, heart attack,

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Disability Insurance

What happens if you get injured or sick and cannot work? How will you pay your bills and expenses? Disability insurance helps you get through tough times when you are injured or ill.

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Health & Dental Insurance

Health and dental insurance helps Canadians to cover the cost of preventive care or medical bills that may occur due to a medical illness. 

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Travel/ Snowbird Insurance

Travel safe with an insurance that travels with you. Get travel or snowbird insurance that fit your needs. Travel insurance helps you cover any unexpected medical expenses on your trip

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Super Visa Insurance

Supervisa insurance is a mandatory requirement to apply for Super visa for your parents and Grandparents. It covers emergency medical expenses and you can pay on monthly basis

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Visitor insurance

Are you going to visit you family in different province or country? Or are your parents or grandparents coming to visit? What happens if the fall sick? You need Visitor insurance to cover unexpected medical expenses.

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Tax Free Saving account (TFSA)

Having trouble reaching your financial goals? TFSA (Tax free saving account) might be the right option for you. TFSA (Tax free saving account) helps Canadians save money while also saving tax.


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Reg. Retirement Saving Plan (RRSP)

Do you want an awesome retirement? Use RRSP ( Registered retirement savings plan) account to save tax.  Plan your finances better to lead comfortable life post retirement.

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Reg. Education Saving Plan (RESP)

Use RESP (Registered retirement saving plan) account to access Government Grants and provide financial security for your child’s post secondary education.

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