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Mortgage Insurance


Are you buying a new house? Do you want to lower your down payment and interest rates? You need Mortgage insurance.

Mortgage insurance helps your family payoff your mortgage loan in the event of your death.  If you are looking to invest in a property that getting mortgage insurance is in your best interest as it helps you lower the interest rate on your payment for the house.  Life can be unpredictable so it helps if you plan ahead. Mortgage insurance can help your family keep the roof over their heads while dealing with your loss.

Mortgage insurance plans are flexible in the way that you can pay the premium yearly or monthly.  Choose the premium plan that works best for your needs and time convenience.

Protect your home and keep a roof over the heads of your loved ones.

Benefits include in Mortgage insurance

  • Payment of your entire mortgage balance
  • Any debit balance in your tax account will be paid off

Contact Mr Behl to understand the benefits of mortgage insurance and help you get a flexible affordable plan. Call on 204-230-4131 or email at behl@focusedinsurance.ca