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Life Insurance


Are you worried about your family’s future after you pass away? Are you the sole earner in your family? Would your family be financially strained if something were to happen to you? Then life insurance is a must for you.

Life insurance is the most preferred product that our clients choose in order for a financially stable life.  Life insurance helps pay your beneficiaries or family a lump sump amount that is tax free after your death.  We offer flexible and affordable life insurance plans that can range in their coverage time period from a long term to short term period.

The life insurances that we offer include;

Secure your future with our help
  • Term Life insurance
  • Universal Life insurance
  • Permanent Life insurance
  • Whole life permanent insurance

 Payment from Life insurance can help your family in their time of need and help them pay for the following;

●             Post-secondary education costs for children

●             Your income loss

●             House mortgage and other loans

●             Monthly house expenses

●             Outstanding bill payments

●             Funeral and final expenses

Contact Bir Inder Behl for your Life insurance needs today and use his extensive experience to your benefit. Call at 204-230-4131 or email us at birbehl@gmail.com