I endeavour to give you the best services and go out of my way to help you reach your financial goals.

Bir works for you and not for the insurance company
Bir offers you a non partial options based on your needs and your circumstances.
Bir offers you variety of Insurance companies to choose from.

Bir has years of experience and leads the market with knowledge, honesty and dedication.
Bir believes in raising awareness of the client and helps them make the right decision.
Bir has longstanding relationship with his clients and they are very happy with his services.

Focused Insurance has a very personal context for the founder Mr. Behl. He wanted to find the right insurance to safeguard his family and children after he migrated to Canada and he discovered a gap between his expectations and his options. His biggest challenge was to find the right insurance advisors in a market filled with hundreds of less or ill informed advisors confusing the market.
His entrepreneurial mind identified where he could add value and better service to other families, travellers and migrants, who were facing the same situation as him.